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Pretty Baby Barefoot Sandals

I was at church a few weeks ago and I saw a baby with some ADORABLE barefoot sandals made out of material! I loved them immediately! I keep seeing barefoot sandals everywhere and they are all really cute, except if I were an infant and someone stuck a piece of yarn between my toes I would lose it! Sigh, the things we women suffer for beauty's sake at such a young age..... These sandals were different though, they didn't wrap around a toe! GENIUS!!! I thought to myself, "Hey, I can crochet something like that!" And now here is the LONG awaited pattern!
It went through two rounds of pattern testers to get the sizing right and finally I decided that baby feet are WEIRD! It probably has a lot to do with infant weight variances but I made the same shoes for my daughter (who is a yr) that another lady made for her 4 mo old!
SO here is what I decided to do. You know the kid (hopefully) are they chubby, thin, tall, short? You will best be able to decide what size to make. Instead of labeling them traditionally (0-6 mo etc.) We're just going to go with S, M, L. Here's the really fun thing about this pattern. It is TOTALLY customizable. I am including a gauge in the pattern (Something I need to very badly go back and add to all my patterns) so that you can better assess what size shoe you are going to need. Then all you have to do is adjust the chains and these work up so fast that you can measure and keep going or make one, try it on and frog it (rip it out) without losing sleep over lost time. Seriously the barefoot sandal part works up in about 10 minutes.
So let's get started!!!

(Here is a flat foot shot. My little ballerina likes to stay on her toes!)

Pretty Baby Barefoot Sandal Pattern

I hook (5.5 mm)
Worsted Weight Yarn in 2 colors
Yarn needle

10 sc across x 12 rows high = 3" square

Ch - chain
Sl st - slip stitch
Sc - single crochet
Hdc - half double crochet
Dc- double crochet
Rev sc - reverse single crochet (this is used as one edging option for the flower. If you are uncomfortable with it you can use the other edging.)

Directions for smallest size are written first, with larger size adjustments in parenthesis. S (M, L)
Ignore the hook in the pictures. Some of you will notice that it is a Susan Bates H (5mm). This is something that was changed during pattern testing. An I hook gives better stretch to the chains for getting the loops around the feet. None of the steps where changed, though, so the pictures still work.
I will let you know where adjustments can be made to help with fatter feet, ankles etc.


Sandal (Make 2)
Ch 6, (8, 10)
Row 1: Sc in second chain from hook, sc across. Ch 7 (11, 15) sl st to very first sc at the beginning of the row. (5 sc, 7 sc, 9 sc) {Pictures A, B and C}
Row 2: Ch 1, sc in each sc from previous row. Ch 7 (11, 15), sl st to very first sc at the beginning of the row. (5 sc, 7 sc, 9 sc.) {Picture D is the bottom view, E is the top view.}
Row 3: Sc in each st across. For S stop here and move down to heel strap. M and L, ch 1, turn. (5 sc, 7 sc, 9 sc.)
Row 4: Sc in each st across. For M stop here and move down to heel strap. L, ch 1, turn (7 sc, 9 sc)
Row 5: Sc in each st across. Continue on to heel strap. (9 sc.)

If you are unsure of the size you chose, measure the shoe on the child you are making it for. If the chains are too loose/tight around the foot but the sc's seem to cover the top of the foot the way that you would like then just adjust the chains under the foot. If the the fit is just right around the foot but the sc's on top of the foot are too wide or narrow, move up or down a size, if you go up you will need to subtract 2 chs from the straps. If you go down a size you will need to add 2 chs to the straps. If you need to change a combination of these problems you might have to play with it a bit. Feel free to ask me for help here if you need it. Just let me know which size you made first and what the problem is. I will do my best to give you suggestions to help you make them fit better.

Heel Strap
Ch 12, (16, 20) join to the first sc on the opposite end of the sandal. All loops should be going from one side of the sandal to the other. None of them should cross each other. Break yarn, weave in ends. {Pictures F, G and H}
Measure again. Just to make sure that your heel strap fits while the shoe is on. You can add or subtract chains to adjust this fit as well.

Flower (Make 2)
Ch 51
Sc in the second ch from hook, sc in next 9 st, hdc, in next 20 st, dc in next 20 st.
Edging One
Ch 1, turn, sl st to the front loop of 1st dc, *ch 2, sl st to the back loop of next st, ch 2, sl st to the front loop of the next st* repeat from *to* across. Cut a 24" tail, thread your yarn needle. Skip ahead to assembly.

Edging Two
Ch 1, skip dc directly below the ch 1 and rev sc (crab st) in the stitch just before it. Rev sc (crab st) all the way across. Cut a 24" tail, thread your needle. Skip ahead to assembly.

Hold your flower the way pictured in Picture I. Slide your needle along the bottom from right to left, only pull through a few stitches at a time. Pull it tight and curl as you go. Make sure to curl it towards your needle. {Picture K} Sew the bottom together. {Pictures I, J and K}
Attach the flowers to your sandals and you are all done!
The flower on my sandals are done with edging 2.
I really hope that you enjoy the pattern. And as I said, please contact me with any questions you have. I would be happy to help you adjust them to fit. 
My daughter gets so many compliments when we go out with these little shoes on. And with how quickly they work up you can make them in any color combination you want! One for every outfit!!! :D
This pattern and it's photos are property of String With Style and are intended for personal use only. Please do not copy, or sell or reproduce this pattern in any way.
Products made from this pattern are your own creation and may be sold. It is my intention that others enjoy the things that we make with our hands. Please credit String With Style as the pattern creator and link back to with any products sold or in any advertising.
Thank you, and happy hooking!

String With Style

Here are some other color options from my amazing testers! Thank you so much ladies for sticking this out and helping me with sizing!
Hendy Sabel


  1. So stinkin' adorable! Thanks so much for sharing! And I agree that these would be so much more comfortable without being between the toes. Well done!

    1. Thank you so much! :D I really love them! They work up so fast, I can't stop making them for all my friends with little girls! ;)

  2. They look really cute! I am making a pair tonight with matching headband!!

  3. Soooo cute!! I also found this tutorial for how to make your own baby sandals using elastic:

    1. Thank you! And thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks! I was looking for a pattern that didn't go between the toes. (Not the safest thing in my opinion)
    I was wondering, do you flowers lie flat once sewn together?

    1. No, mine kind of rise in the middle. If you have another favorite flower pattern you can always substitute it. This is just one I came up with. I'm sure these sandals will work with just about any flower. :)

    2. Okay good, just wanted to make sure I did it right! They are gorgeous nonetheless! My three year old insisted on wearing them to bed :)

    3. Awwww that's adorable!!!! :)

  5. Replies
    1. You're very welcome, I hope you enjoy it!!! :D

  6. These are adorable. Thanks so much for sharing the pattern. Will definitely be making loads of these for the summer.

    1. Thanks so much! I really hope you love them!

  7. Hi I am new to crochet so I hope I can figure this out. Would you consider doing a vide on YouTube ?

    1. Videos are in the works for all my patterns this summer. I can't promise any specific time frame but I will try to get one up soon.

    2. Thank you after a few glitches I got them made. I just have to work thru twisty straps


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