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Part 1 - Vertical Textures Afghan crochet-a-long

Boy I hope you are all excited about this! I know I am! I love, love, love, love, LOVE this afghan!!! I played around with a lot of different ideas before I came up with this final version and I really hope you find it as fun and exciting as I do!
Without further ado, let's get hooking!

K / 6.5 mm hook

WW yarn in 3 colors
  *Color A - 1,110 yrds (I used Red Heart With Love Blue Hawaii)
  *Color B - 1,480 yrds (I used Red Heart With Love Hot Pink)
  *Color C - 370 yrds (I used Red Heart With Love Eggshell)
Yarn needle

BLO - back loop only
Ch - chain
Hdc - half double crochet
Sc - single crochet
St - stitch
Yo - yarn over

Special Stitch
Bean stitch - 
Insert hook in designated st, draw up a loop to match height of previous st (about 1/2"),  
*yo, insert hook in same st, draw up a loop*, repeat *to* once more,
yo, draw through all 6 loops on hook.

14 sc x 12 rows in BLO = 4" x 3"

1. Please, please, please excuse the quality of my pictures. My camera as decided to throw a fit this last week and all of my pics turned out terrible. I have edited them the best I could and the colors are completely off. But they should be bright enough that you can see them even if the quality isn't the same from photo to photo. 
2. Make sure when working your bean sts that you don't yo before you insert your hook in the next st. If you yo before you insert your hook in the next st your bean sts won't lean to the side like they are supposed to.
3. Ch 2 at the beginning of bean st rows count as a hdc stitch.
4. This afghan is worked in a total of 7 strips and then joined together.
5. After completing row 1 mark that row as the right side of your work. This will come in handy when it comes time to join all the strips together.
6. If you are a tighter crocheter make sure that you crochet your sc BLO rows bigger then you normally would or your bean sts will cause it arch. If you need to you can go up a hook size for that part.

Directions for strip 1 (make 2)
Ch 182 with color A

Row 1: Beginning in second ch from hook sc in each ch. (181 sc) {Mark this as the right side}

Row 2: Ch 1, turn, working in BLO, sc in each st across. (181 sc)

Row 3-9: Repeat row 2. Change colors to color B at the end of row 9. (If you want to see how I change colors I always follow this tutorial from Sincerely Pam.)

Row 10: Ch 2, bean st in next st, *ch 1, skip next st, bean st in next st,* repeat *to* to the last st, DO NOT CH 1 AFTER THE LAST BEAN ST, hdc in last st. (90 bean sts)

Row 11: Ch 2, bean st in the top of the next bean st, *ch 1, skip one st, bean st in the top of the next bean st,* repeat *to* across row to last st (the ch 2 from the previous row), DO NOT CH 1 AFTER THE LAST BEAN ST, hdc in last st. (89 bean sts)

Row 12-14: Repeat rows 10 and 11 alternately ending with row 10. At the end of row 10 change back to color A.

Row 15: Ch 1, sc in the top of the hdc st and each bean st and ch st across. (181 sc)

Row 16-23: Repeat row 2.

Break yarn and weave in ends.

This pattern and it's photos are property of String With Style and are intended for personal use only. Please do not copy, sell, or reproduce the photos or this pattern in any way.
Products made from this pattern are your own creation and may be sold. It is my intention that others enjoy the things that we make with our hands. Please credit String With Style as the pattern creator and link back to this blog with any products sold or in any advertising.
Thank you, and happy hooking!
String With Style

Check back next week on Monday for part 2! There will be one strip pattern released each week and then we will assemble it and put on the border in the last post. If you would like to share progress pics of your work please come join us on Facebook or Google+! You are of course welcome to post pics and questions in the comments as well. I will try to reply as quick as I can if you have a concern. Of course if you just want to compliment me on the amazing genius-ness of this pattern, you are absolutely welcome to do that too. ;)

Be Happy!

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