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Urban Reflection CAL Week 4: Border and Blocking

Little Man Bow and Neck Tie Combo ---- Free Pattern!!!!

Ok, seriously, who doesn't love free patterns? : D I was asked by my photographer to create a little bow tie to match the pants I was making her. When I put the pattern up for testing I was contacted by Ann, the very talented designer over at Glamour4You . {If you haven't ever looked at her stuff, you should, like RIGHT NOW!} She is amazing! She told me that she had a neck tie pattern that would be perfect to release together with my bow tie - SHE WAS RIGHT!!! 

How To Make A Drawstring Waistband

I had a photographer request this specific pair of pants (pattern is designed by Crochet My Love and can be found HERE)  but with a drawstring. I've done this before and had others ask how I did it so I thought I would write up a quick tutorial that will hopefully be helpful to them and others that may be curious too. Now there is probably more than one way to do this but this is how I do it... You are going to start with your completed pants, skirt, bottom of shirt - whatever and add a waistband.  The Waistband

My Version of The Scallopeanie

I was able to test this hat recently for Comfy Cabana. It is called Scallopeanie and is made up of a very unique set of stitches and is quite adorable when worn. You can either end it with a scallop or a striaght border. So it would work for both boys and girls.