Little Man Bow and Neck Tie Combo ---- Free Pattern!!!!

Ok, seriously, who doesn't love free patterns? : D I was asked by my photographer to create a little bow tie to match the pants I was making her. When I put the pattern up for testing I was contacted by Ann, the very talented designer over at Glamour4You. {If you haven't ever looked at her stuff, you should, like RIGHT NOW!} She is amazing! She told me that she had a neck tie pattern that would be perfect to release together with my bow tie - SHE WAS RIGHT!!! 

These two little man accessories complement each other so well! How many times have you mothers of boys just longed to have something to dress your little man up in? There are soooo many options for girls. Now there is something to make your little man's outfit just POP! The Little Man Bow and Neck Tie are simple, quick and easily customizable. You need the piece that is tied around the neck to be longer to fit around an older child? Start with a longer chain. You can make them in as many colors as you like and, let's not forget being the hit of the baby shower when you show up with these little gems!

I feel so blessed to have been able to work with Ann on this project. I think the combo of these two ties together is MUCH better than having either of these patterns available separately. Both patterns have been tested for quality and are available with step-by-step photos.
Plus this pattern can be downloaded in PDF format RIGHT HERE! Don't forget to visit Ann's FACEBOOK page to stay on top of more pattern releases and be in the know for all things Glamour 4 You! 
Some other color options as completed by myself and my testers:

From The Soul
Custom Crochet by Anna
Comfy Cabana


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