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Urban Reflection CAL Week 4: Border and Blocking

My Version of the Twinkle Star Bonnet

I was fortunate enough to get to test this adorable bonnet for COZY CACTUS . My daughter needed just one more thing for her 4th of July outfit so I made it in a patriotic theme; but this bonnet would be so so cute in any color combination that you decide to make it in! I love how the back features a cute little star! The pattern comes in sizes infant to adult so that everyone in the family can wear one!!!

Pretty Baby Barefoot Sandals

I was at church a few weeks ago and I saw a baby with some ADORABLE barefoot sandals! They were made of fabric and I loved them immediately! I keep seeing barefoot sandals everywhere and they are all really cute, except if I were an infant and someone stuck a piece of yarn between my toes I would lose it! Sigh, the things we women suffer for beauty's sake at such a young age..... These sandals were different though, they didn't wrap around a toe! GENIUS!!! I thought to myself, "Hey, I can crochet something like that!" And now here is the LONG awaited pattern! Pretty Baby Barefoot Sandal Pattern This pattern has been sold to All Free Crochet. You can find it HERE . If you like this pattern you might also like my Ruffle Hair Bow .

My Version of the Totally Twisted Beanie

I was fortunate enough to test this new hat for SCHERE'S CRAFTY CROCHET . She is such an amazing designer and this hat is so so so cute! I LOVE it!!!! I am always amazed at other's abilities to see new designs and textures. This hat has it all! A fun look, well written instructions and style! I love it!!!! I have made a couple more since this one and it looks great in a solid color as well.

Giveaway over at Children Pictures Creations!!

I'm participating in a GIVEAWAY over on Children Pictures Creations! Go over and enter for a chance to win a copy of my Diamond Weave Hat Pattern, it comes in sizes NB - Adult and has lots of pictures and a video to help with the more complicated stitches that make the diamond design. While you're over on Children Pictures Creations take a look at the other giveaway prizes from the other amazing vendors! : D

Chevron Love Afghan

Let's get ready to CHEVROOOON!!! Woohoo!!! This pattern has been tested and is now ready for you to all enjoy! It's actually pretty simple. I think you all will be pleasantly impressed. I had so much fun making this afghan. I haven't made one in about 5 yrs. I got into a slump and between this chevron afghan and another that has me busy currently, I have come back into the world of afghans! I LOVE making them again! : D HOORAY! Also, for me, it was so fun and refreshing to be making this in boy colors. I have two girls so it isn't often that I get to play around with blues and greens and it was so so much fun! Chevron Love Afghan Pattern This pattern has been sold to All Free Crochet. It can be found HERE . If you like this pattern, check out the Chevron Love Car Seat Blanket ! Be happy!

My Version of the Hooked Up Hold All

It has been so long since I have done Tunisian crochet! It was so so so much fun to refresh my skills by testing this adorable bag for GLAMOUR 4 YOU .  I decided to do a 3 color variation because I was making it for a friend and she is loving the coral/mint/white combo. If you decide that you want to do the 3 colors as well, in my version, I picked one color that I alternated every other row (the white) and then the other two colors were used in between the white stripes. The ONLY drawback that I noticed when doing this 3 color version is that when carrying colors up the side the strands don't hide as well as if you just alternate two colors. I do LOVE how this version turned out though!