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Urban Reflection CAL Week 4: Border and Blocking

My Version of the Spiral Hair Bows

Ok, you guys are going to think I'm crazy for making these, but here's my story - please withhold judgement till the end. I wore them when I was a kid, everyone did right? And sometimes when you've done something as a kid, in an era where people would have been better served to stay home and sit in jammies rather than be seen in public in their non-age-appropriate-spandex, you'd just rather not repeat history and subject your children to the same horror you have when you look through grade school photos. Enter the SPIRAL HAIR BOW PATTERN . A friend of mine designed these Spiral Hair Bows and was looking for testers. My thought process - "This was maybe the one thing of all those grade school outfits that I liked. And I have girls.... But I don't know... Maybe they're just too outdated and should be burned with all the rest of the 80's garb... Oh what the heck, they'll work up really fast and if I don't love them, I can always not make any mo

Chevron Love Car Seat Blanket

It still AMAZES me how popular my BOBBLE CAR SEAT BLANKET is! Since posting it, it has brought more traffic to this blog than any other pattern! Since everyone seems to love the functionality and design so much I decided to write a few more. Here is the first one, the Chevron Love Car Seat Blanket!!! {Cause, you know, who doesn't love chevrons!?} One thing that I tried to do with the Bobble Car Seat Blanket was to create a texture in the blanket with the bobbles. Extra sensory experiences for babies is so important. And let's face it, there's not much else to do in the car but touch toys and blankets, might as well be learning something! I have tried to keep a similar theme in the Chevron Love Car Seat Blanket. By working in the back loops of each row it creates ridges for the baby to touch and feel.

My Version of the Diamond Dress

I love making my girls matchy matchy outfits! They are so fun to dress up and are such good sports! I tested this dress for KUDDLY KREATIONS BY KARI . I LOOOOVE it!!!!! It would go so well with my DIAMOND WEAVE HAT ! (hehehehe)

Ruffle Hair Bow

Happy 4th of July!!!!! I needed something for my daughter's hair and from necessity comes a new pattern for you! I love the ruffle yarn, Sashay, Starbella, I don't care. It is so much fun to use and is definitely not just for scarves! ;) Here is a fun idea for an all year round use. In the pictures I have used Starbella's red white and blue combo which is called "America," but you could really make this Ruffle Hair bow in any color ruffle yarn for endless effects! Plus it helps give you a purpose for the elastic hair band colors that you will NEVER use! Hehehe