My Version of the Spiral Hair Bows

Ok, you guys are going to think I'm crazy for making these, but here's my story - please withhold judgement till the end. I wore them when I was a kid, everyone did right? And sometimes when you've done something as a kid, in an era where people would have been better served to stay home and sit in jammies rather than be seen in public in their non-age-appropriate-spandex, you'd just rather not repeat history and subject your children to the same horror you have when you look through grade school photos.

Enter the SPIRAL HAIR BOW PATTERN. A friend of mine designed these Spiral Hair Bows and was looking for testers. My thought process - "This was maybe the one thing of all those grade school outfits that I liked. And I have girls.... But I don't know... Maybe they're just too outdated and should be burned with all the rest of the 80's garb... Oh what the heck, they'll work up really fast and if I don't love them, I can always not make any more. That's pretty easy to do right?" 

So I finish up my first pair. They don't look like much, just some spirals on oppostie ends of a big string.... Eh, I'll tie them in her hair, sometimes things look different when worn right? - HOLY COW!!!!!!! The head of my daughter was all these Spiral Hair Bows needed to make them magical!!! (And that would be true for any little girl!)

They are ADORABLE!!!!! Seriously all other 80's accessories can take a hike! (I kind of have a double standard here because I also really love leg warmers.... but we're not talking about that right now.)

These are so cute and work up SOOOO fast! You will be amazed!
Schere's Crafty Crochet is the designer. You can find her on FACEBOOK and RAVELRY.
You will love these on your little girl! Just get over your 80's mind block and give them a try. ;) I did!!! And look - They go good with ANY outfit!!!


  1. Yes these are so easy to make that you don't even need a pattern.I've made them for my dgds Your dd is adorable...absolutely beautiful.

    1. Thank you so much! That's so kind of you to say. I sure love her! And yes, these are so fun to make and I've still made new ones in the last little while.


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