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Urban Reflection CAL Week 4: Border and Blocking

Ruffle Hair Bow

Happy 4th of July!!!!! I needed something for my daughter's hair and from necessity comes a new pattern for you! I love the ruffle yarn, Sashay, Starbella, I don't care. It is so much fun to use and is definitely not just for scarves! ;) Here is a fun idea for an all year round use. In the pictures I have used Starbella's red white and blue combo which is called "America," but you could really make this Ruffle Hair bow in any color ruffle yarn for endless effects! Plus it helps give you a purpose for the elastic hair band colors that you will NEVER use! Hehehe

This pattern does not teach you how to work with ruffle yarn. If you have not worked with it yet I strongly suggest looking up a video on YouTube.
This pattern will be written more in description format rather than rows because really, there are only two rounds, and every one's stitch totals will change depending on the elastic hair band you decide to use to make your Ruffle Hair Bow.

Ruffle Hair Bow Pattern

F hook
Ruffle yarn
WW yarn of choice (I used cotton Lily's Sugar n' Cream)
Elastic Hair Band

Sc - single crochet
Sl st - slip stitch
WW - worsted weight

Step 1: You are going to hold your elastic hair band and draw through a loop through the center. Make sure you are leaving a 6 in tail on the short side of the loop.
Step 2: Ch 1 and pull the loop flat against the elastic hair band.
Step 3: Begin sc around the elastic hair band. You are going to work right over the top of the tail securing it down. Stop crocheting over the top of it when you have about 3 in left so that you can weave it back through the sc's in the opposite direction to make the tail secure.
Step 4: Continue to sc all the way around your elastic hair band. Scrunch up your sc to make them tight as you go. Join with a sl st to the top of first sc. You are going to cut your WW yarn at this point but leave about a 6-8 in tail so that you can use it to secure the end of the ruffle yarn.

Step 5: Join your ruffle yarn. I  like to fold my yarn over and work across the short half so that it is secure and you don't have to deal with the end later. You can do this however you are comfortable. I do suggest starting about 3 or 4 in into the yarn. 
Step 6: Draw up a loop in next sc.
Step 7: Complete sc.
Step 8: Continue to sc around the elastic hair band. One sc in each sc of the previous round.
Step 9: Join with a sl st to the top of the first sc. Use your 6-8 in tail of WW yarn to tie down/secure the end of the ruffle yarn. 
There you go!!!! You're done! One thing I would suggest, it is really hard to get one of these in tight enough to hold hair securely. So I would use an undecorated elastic hair band to hold the hair and then accessorize with this beautiful Ruffle Hair Bow!!!! I hope you enjoy it! I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday weekend!
I didn't have a chance to have this pattern tested because of the last minute nature of the 4th of July happening on Thursday! So the first 3 people to finish this pattern and get me a completed picture will be tagged in this post. 
You must give me feedback on the pattern and let me know of any errors or questions that you have so that I can make it more clear.
You must post your picture to FB, either on your own page or on String With Style's BUSINESS PAGE. You must tag String With Style in the photo. (click on the photo in one of the corners just as if you were going to tag a person and then type the @ symbol followed by StringWithStyle. Do all of it with no spaces and my logo should come up for you to tag.) 
Send me a message on my business page and I will go look at the photo and add it here to the blog. 
If you have a business/web page/fb/etsy please also send me that link in your message so that I can help drive some traffic for you by linking to it here.
Thanks everyone! Have fun!!!!

This pattern and it's photos are property of String With Style and are intended for personal use only. Please do not copy, or sell or reproduce this pattern in any way.
Products made from this pattern are your own creation and may be sold. It is my intention that others enjoy the things that we make with our hands. Please credit String With Style as the pattern creator and link back to with any products sold or in any advertising.
Thank you, and happy hooking!

String With Style

Here is another color option made by my first tester. Below her picture you can find a link to her Facebook page. (This is my favorite Sashay colorway, my daughter will definitely have one like this very soon!)


  1. ♥ this idea! I do not have 4th of July inspired colors but I do have some ruffle scarf and the other items to try this out...I will give it a go and see what happens!!

    1. Do do!!!!! I want to see it! :D

    2. :) Sorry just now seen this!! Glad you like how it turned out..Super fun, I attempted with the grey yarn to blend in with the color I it took a bit more time.

    3. No worries! It did turn out great! I love it! :D I'm so glad you enjoyed the pattern

  2. I have made these before with other colors but have not used the yarn in the first row. What is the purpose of the first row?

    1. I find it's easier to crochet with the ruffle yarn into a more solid foundation row. I've never made them without using yarn first but that doesn't mean it wouldn't work. You can do it however you prefer. :D

  3. Did you use sashay ruffle yarn??? I have never seen the red, white, blue combo.

    1. I didn't use Sashay, although my tester did and it would work just the same. I used Starbella. It is very similar and the colorway I used is called "America." :D

  4. I posted pix on Facebook...I used sashay and it is way cute B-)


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