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Urban Reflection CAL Week 4: Border and Blocking

Scrubbie Teaser Post

Have you ever made a dish scrubbie? Did you even know that you could crochet one? Well this post is part teaser, part pattern. You are welcome to finish off the scrubbie when we are done with the directions or you can hold onto it and wait...  I'm going to have something really fun to dress it up with that was inspired by a friend of mine and is based off of one of Cre8tion Crochet's designs. A BIG thank you to her for being so kind as to let me use her pattern and to create a little twist on it for you.  What is a dish scrubbie? Well..... A dish scrubbie is made from nylon net fabric. {I had a reader comment below that if you cannot find nylon net fabric in your area that she has used some made with rougher tulle and that they work just as well.} You will need to purchase it at your local craft store and then cut it into strips before you can crochet with it. I'm going to show you how to do that. It is the best dish scrubber you will ever use! It is safe for no

A Stitch From My Life

I was a guest blogger last week on Cre8tion Crochet , it was such a cool experience I haven't ever had the opportunity to do that before. It was so fun because I was asked all kinds of questions about myself and my crochet and it gave me a chance to just be me! One of the questions that I was asked is what I love about crochet. And my answer sparked a little conversation. I actually received a couple of e-mails and Facebook comments about my answer to just that question. I hadn't really thought it was anything special but basically my answer was that I feel more complete when I do, I don't yell at my kids and husband as much and I feel more calm and centered. I thought since it sparked such an interest that I would take some time and share my crochet journey with you all today. I began crocheting when I was 10, I've now been crocheting for almost 20 yrs. (If any of you start doing the math we are no longer friends.) ;) My grandma taught me. The woman was an amazing

Cables of Love Legwarmers

Yeah baby!!!! These sexy lovelies are free!!!!! I hope you are all excited as excited as I am! The Cables of Love Legwarmers is my first pattern using cables. I fell in love with them last fall and I hope that you will all love them too! For all of you that were so excited about last week's Vines of Love Legwarmers post but were intimidated by the small stitches or thin yarn, or didn't have the money - this one is for you! The legwarmers are going to be thicker because these are worked with worsted weight but they still fit snug and warm and are beautiful!!!!  Don't be intimidated by the cables! I know a lot of you can do this. I have included a TON of pictures and if you need any help with the back post/front post stitches you can use THIS TUTORIAL that I posted a couple days ago. I would say that an advanced beginner/early intermediate crocheter could master these. PLEASE let me know if you have any questions! Here, in the comments,  Facebook  and Instagram are

Back Post and Front Post Stitches and Their Uses

Back post and front post stitches can be used to make fun and intricate textures in crochet because instead of keeping all your work flat in one dimension, they pull the stitches away from each other to create a three dimensional look. For our purposes today I'm going to be using double crochets. But front and back post stitches can be used with sc, hdc, dc, and tc. Really any stitch that you want. In a pattern you will see these stitches abreviated as fp(whatever stitch you're using) or bp(whatever stitch you're using). So with the double crochet stitches we are using today, the abreviations in patterns will look like this fpdc and bpdc. In each of these pictures, the base row will be done in off white while the back post and front post stitches will be done in teal. This will hopefully help you see the effect of the different stitches. First let's talk about how you do a fpdc and a bpdc and how you remember which one is which. FPDC A front post double

Giveaway time!!! #45Days

I just want to get you all excited for an upcoming giveaway I am participating in. It is YARN OBSESSION'S 45 Days of Giveaways. She is having a huge celebration and I am so excited to be a vendor! Someone is going to win a PDF pattern of their choice between my Diamond Weave Hat and my Vines of Love Leggings.  I'm not the only vendor though, there is going to be one new vendor each day for 45 DAYS!!!!! Over on the right side bar there is a button you can click on to get all the current information. It'll be up until the giveaway is over.  Click on it any time you want to go see what's going on.  All the fun starts next week on the 11th! Stay tuned!!! Come follow me and Yarn Obsession on FB for daily updates when things get started.

Vines of Love Legwarmers

New pattern today!!!!!! Beautiful aren't they??? Wait just a second...... WHAM!!!!!! Yeah baby, that's right!!!!! Who says crochet can't be sexy? Heck yeah! The Vines of Love Leggings pattern can be found on RAVELRY . I hope you all enjoy it. It was a super fun pattern to write and I get TONS of compliments on these babies every time that I wear them!