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Urban Reflection CAL Week 4: Border and Blocking

Vines of Love Legwarmers

New pattern today!!!!!! Beautiful aren't they??? Wait just a second......

WHAM!!!!!! Yeah baby, that's right!!!!! Who says crochet can't be sexy? Heck yeah!
The Vines of Love Leggings pattern can be found on RAVELRY. I hope you all enjoy it. It was a super fun pattern to write and I get TONS of compliments on these babies every time that I wear them! 

I was inspired by the vintage style nylons that have the seam up the back. I have had this vision in my head for a long time and I am so so pleased that they came out better than I imagined!!

The pattern comes in S, M, L smallest calf circumference being 9". If you need any help, as always, please just ask! I respond the fastest to comments left here or messages on FACEBOOK

Enjoy the pattern and be happy!


  1. As soon as I saw these, I knew I had to have the pattern, so thanks for the link to Ravelery for it!
    They are perfect for my daughter, so I've just got to make her some, and soon! Lol

    1. You are very welcome! I am sooo glad that you like them! Please let me know if you have any questions and share a picture when you are done on my fb page. I would love to see them!!!

  2. Ok. So how long have you been wearing them? And how come you're Juuuust letting us know about them? Will you Please STTop Doing that? THank You. I love you and your work is Gigantic. THanks for letting us see your wonders! Pleasssse. Don't stop!

    1. Haha!!!! I'm sorry Ann, if was only a week or two. I had the pattern design entered in a contest and had the pattern tested. I promise I don't keep things a secret for long.
      Thank you for your compliments! I plan on creating for a long time so please stick around! :D

  3. I bought this pattern in december I believe and saved it to my phone and ended up getting a new phone and lost all my patterns:(

    1. Where did you purchase it from? Ravelry saves it in your library and you can download it to any device you need to. :)

    2. I checked on my revelry and its not thereunto it is only paypal account on 12/20 @10:45:05. if there is anyway to get the pattern again without buying it I would love the opportunityto make these. there absolutely adorable!! this is the first pattern i've actually bought!:)

    3. Melissa, I'm going to have to look back through my PayPal history to verify this. Can you please e-mail me I will need your email address to verify your payment. If I can find it and it turns out it is some Ravelry glitch I'll gift it to you.


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