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Urban Reflection CAL Week 4: Border and Blocking

Danielle Legwarmers

Here they are!!! Just as you asked for, more legwarmers!!! These ones were named for my little munchkin! She picked the colors and she loves to wear them to dance class! Do you need just the perfect new accessory for this winter? Look no further! If you haven't heard, legwarmers are BAAAACK!!! And are more adorable than they EVER were in the 80's!!!

The Danielle Legwarmers can be worn as full length legwarmers, as pictured on my daughters, or as boot cuffs, as pictured on me. I have included estimated lengths and circumferences for each option in each size. These are sized 0-6 mo on up, and are made in a complete tube, a little more traditional than my corset back ones. ;)

Danielle Legwarmers
This pattern has been sold to All Free Crochet. It can be found HERE.

If you liked this pattern, give my Ruffle Hair Bow pattern a try. It is made with ruffle yarn (Shashay or Starbella are my favorites).


  1. So, to make for my 8 & 9 yr old granddaughters, I just need to get the measurements & adjust?

    1. You should be able to make the child size, but if you are concerned about the fit you can get their measurements and use the formula above. :) They would definitely be more exact. My testers said that the child size fit her 10 yr old. Childs legs don't vary too much in circumference at that age unless they are gymnasts or intense dancers. But again, the measurements, if available, would just help you feel more comfortable. Let me know if you have any other questions!

    2. These are so darn adorable. I can't wait to make them for my grandaughters. Thank you for the pattern.

  2. Calm down, everything will be fine. By the way, the blog is awesome. Keep in touch.


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