A New Way to Change Colors - Guest Post by Sincerely Pam

I am sooooooo excited for this week's post! Pam, from Sincerely Pam, has graciously put together a photo tutorial for all of you on how she changes colors in her patterns. This method is so seamless and beautiful you will want to start using it on all your projects asap! I haven't been able to stop using it. She's a GENIUS!!!!

How I change colors written by Pam Dajczak:

Photo 1: When I join colors at the end of a round, I complete the round as usual. Normally, you would join at the last step of the previous round (in this case, the slst), but I complete that step as if there were no change happening.

Photo 2: Shows where I pull through the new color.

Photo 3: Using the hanging end of the old color, pull down firmly so that you no longer see the old color, leaving the new color on your hook.

Photo 4: Here I ch1 to continue on the next round.

Photo 5: Shows the completed round in the new color.

Photo 6: Here I used the same method as Photos 1-3 to show what it would look like to change colors in the middle of a round.

The bottom photo shows the top of the work so you can see what the color changes look like.

Changing colors when working in Rows uses the same method.

Thanks so much Pam!!! I really appreciate your time in putting this together for everyone! I hope you all enjoy it and will try it out really soon. You can find Pam's patterns on Etsy, Craftsy, and Ravelry and you can also follow her on Facebook.

Be happy!


  1. I love this method! I've used it for a while, and like you said, it is SEAMLESS! It can completely change the quality of the projects that you create :)

  2. That is exactly how I change colors at the beginning of a new row! It took me a while to figure it out. How smart of you to share it and show how it works! Great photos and explanation of how it is done!

  3. Its brilliant.. will surely use it for my next project.. thanks :)

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  5. Can you use this method on crocheting rows? Thanks

  6. Been doing it this way for years, easy and looks nicer.


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