Pattern Review - Sassy Ruffle Bag designed by KT and the Squid

As soon as I saw the Sassy Ruffle Bag I knew I had to make it!!! LOVED it!!!! KT and the Squid has such cute designs and this purse was no exception! 

My niece had a birthday coming up and so I went shopping!!! (Not that I need an excuse to buy yarn, I picked some up last week cause it was Wednesday - but it's always more fun when there is a project and person in mind.) I used Caron Simply Soft Party in Silver Sparkle and Red Heart Boutique Sashay Sparkle in Mediterranean. I really wanted to use the Sassy Fabric but I couldn't find any in my area and I didn't have time to order it. I've worked with Sashay quite a bit and was worried about it stretching out too much when it was cleaned. I didn't want it to look too thin so I used two strands of it held together. Yes that was challenging but so worth it in the overall look of the finished purse!!!

Pattern rating: I give it 5 stars! Very easy to understand and follow. All stitch instructions are clear and if you read all of the pattern and notes you shouldn't have a problem making it. They are very clear. The structure of the bag is excellent. It is stitched in a way that allows it to be stronger and not stretch as much as a regular dc purse would. It holds all of my niece's dance stuff really well. She loves it and who can blame her? Look how adorable it is!!!! 

You can find a link to KT and the Squid's blog HERE and you can find a link the Sassy Ruffle Bag specifically HERE. I hope you all give it a try it is such a fun pattern and leave a comment on KT and the Squid's blog letting her know how much you love it too. (It's always so nice to hear good things about your patterns.)
Be happy everyone!!!