We Have a New Look!!!

Did you guys notice that the blog has a little different look? A new header, I moved out the margins and I have plans later today to make a "grabable button." I had all of the logos redone for the blog and facebook. Get ready to see a lot of the following all over my pictures and social media!!!

Mad Queen Mother did an AMAZING JOB!!!!!! At one point when I was sure that I was asking too much of her because I wasn't quite satisfied with how things were coming together she made every adjustment I asked for and then made a couple suggestions that I hadn't even thought of. She was wonderful to work with! I'm going to have her make logos for Country With Style as well and I can't wait!!!!!! What do you guys think? Below you will find examples of the new watermarks and my new FB logo. 

You can find Mad Queen Mother on Etsy and on Facebook.

Have a great week and, 

Be Happy!!!!