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Urban Reflection CAL Week 4: Border and Blocking

Saturday in Style - Outdoor Necessities

Whatever your summer plans have in store for you I am willing to bet that some of that time will be spent outside! Whether it is at parades, family reunions, hiking, picnics, the pool or beach, these crochet items will help get you through! Free and paid patterns are included in this round-up.

My New Craft Room - Part 2

Weeeeeeellllll....... I didn't get as far as I wanted to. However I am so so so close! I *think* I have a plan for how to get it all to fit. Winding it up into cakes will help some I think. Want to know what my hubby said when he walked in and saw this? "We need to get you more shelves." Seriously best hubby in the world award is on it's way to him! "You might be able to get this to all fit but we both know you aren't going to stop buying yarn." Hehehehe I LOVE that man!!!! Here is all that is left, a couple of trash bags and a big pile behind them and then those bags on the desk. I did get all the material into the drawers (minus the tote that I need to pull out storage..) Hopefully I'll get the rest of it done this week and I'll have finished photos for you soon! Be Happy!

Saturday in Style - 4th of July Fireworks

Welcome to Saturday in Style on Tuesday.... Lol I am so sorry guys! I had this post half way done and then lost our internet Friday afternoon and whatever it was that caused the problem must have been a dooooooosy because it wasn't all fixed and running again until yesterday at 4! Holy cow! But here you are! This was too good a round up to just let it pass. I hope you love it, even though it is Tuesday... The 4th of July is right around the corner and in this house we find all kinds of ways to show our red, white and blue! There are all kinds of different patterns here to showcase your American pride! Both free and paid patterns are included.

Fresh Blackberry Lemonade

I have been playing around with making lemonade since I was a kid. We had a lemon tree in our back yard. It ALWAYS came out too tart because I always underestimated how much sugar was in lemonade. Seriously it would take me a month or so of making lemonade every weekend that no one would try until I got it right. I should have written it down but I never did so I would just start from scratch every year! It was worth it though because once I got it the fresh lemonade was soooooo good! Seriously if we lived in a tropical climate we would be growing a lemon tree in our backyard right this second because I looooooooove lemonade!!!!! Last year when we got our Vitamix I started experimenting with lemonade again. Last summer I had a pretty good recipe down but since I just "wrote it down" in my noggin, of course I forgot it. When will I learn?? So when I bought lemons the other day ready to make up some sweet, delicious lemonade, I couldn't remember what I did last yea

My New Craft Room - Part 1

We had some serious furniture moving happen here a month or so ago. My husband has been wanting to get me a craft room for all my stuff for a while and I must admit, I've been really itching for one too! I'm a bit of a hoarder of craft supplies, fabric and yarn mostly, and they need their own space - BADLY!!!! Now that the space exists I just haven't found any time to get it all set up the way I want it! That is my goal this week, get it all together. Here are some before pics. Do you think I can do it??  There are a couple of totes I need to pull out that have material in them. And I'm pretty sure there is still yarn under my bed.... I'm almost scared to see how much there really is! Lol I hope it all fits!!! But, I can't wait to get all my yarn out so I can actually see what I have without digging in boxes and bags! It's going to look awesome!!!!! Hope you have some fun crafting plans for this week. Be Happy!

Saturday in Style - Cotton, Cotton, and More Cotton!

Cotton is a great yarn to work with in summer months. It breaths so hats and tops stay cooler. It is also great because it absorbs water so you can use it for dish cloths, water bottle holders, coasters, you name it! Here are some GREAT patterns, both free and paid, all made with cotton yarn!

How Stitch Markers Can Help You

I recently had a conversation with a new friend. She was having a little trouble figuring out where her stitches went when she turned her work. She loved this bobby pin idea so I thought I would share it with you! You really can do this at any point in your work when you need a specific stitch to be worked in a certain way or you want to make sure that by a certain point you have a specific number of stitches. Lots of different reasons! You don't need to spend a lot of money on stitch markers either, I used a bobby pin. This demonstration is made using a hdc swatch of 10 sts and 5 rows.  Right here you have come to the end of your 5th row.    You want to be able to recognize your stitches when you turn your work so you mark the very last stitch with a bobby pin.

Vertical Textures Afghan

I absolutely am in love with this new design! I love so many aspects about it. I love all the texture, I love that it is deceiving in that it is actually worked side to side instead of top to bottom so the stitches look different then they normally would. I love the varying color stripes that give it a fun illusion of growing and shrinking. I also love that it is worked in sections and then joined together. Normally I hate joining but there really is very little when compared to say, a granny square afghan, and it makes it so much easier to work on in the summer months for fall and Christmas gifts because you aren't sitting under the entire thing all at once until you are adding the border. The Vertical Textures Afghan has so much depth to it I hope you love it as much as I do! Vertical Textures Afghan This pattern has been sold to All Free Crochet. The pattern can be found HERE .

Saturday in Style - Let's go to the BEACH!!!

Summer time is FINALLY HERE!!!!! I don't care how many years pass I will always have that little California girl inside me that is just aching to go to the beach! Here is a great collection of beach and pool worthy patterns that will get you thinking of cool waves and sand! I have included both free and paid patterns, for your summer enjoyment!  I certainly hope you are having fun in the sun, heaven knows we waited long enough for it to get here! :D