My New Craft Room - Part 1

We had some serious furniture moving happen here a month or so ago. My husband has been wanting to get me a craft room for all my stuff for a while and I must admit, I've been really itching for one too! I'm a bit of a hoarder of craft supplies, fabric and yarn mostly, and they need their own space - BADLY!!!!
Now that the space exists I just haven't found any time to get it all set up the way I want it! That is my goal this week, get it all together. Here are some before pics. Do you think I can do it?? 

There are a couple of totes I need to pull out that have material in them. And I'm pretty sure there is still yarn under my bed.... I'm almost scared to see how much there really is! Lol I hope it all fits!!!

But, I can't wait to get all my yarn out so I can actually see what I have without digging in boxes and bags! It's going to look awesome!!!!!

Hope you have some fun crafting plans for this week.

Be Happy!