Saturday in Style - 4th of July Fireworks

Welcome to Saturday in Style on Tuesday.... Lol I am so sorry guys! I had this post half way done and then lost our internet Friday afternoon and whatever it was that caused the problem must have been a dooooooosy because it wasn't all fixed and running again until yesterday at 4! Holy cow! But here you are! This was too good a round up to just let it pass. I hope you love it, even though it is Tuesday...
The 4th of July is right around the corner and in this house we find all kinds of ways to show our red, white and blue! There are all kinds of different patterns here to showcase your American pride! Both free and paid patterns are included.

What are you going to make first? I know there are lots of AMAZING choices! You really can't go wrong, again I'm sorry it was so late! 

Be Happy!

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  1. crochet chiq instructions for the 4th bag are wrong she needs to fix them and make it more clear

    1. Thanks Anna, this comment would do the most good over on the Crochet Chiq's post though. I can't edit or change her pattern. I just linked to it. I bet she would be more then willing to help you if you had questions and kindly pointed out the errors you found.

  2. These things are so cute and can be the great decorations. Thank you for posting your creative ideas.


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