Vertical Textures Afghan

I absolutely am in love with this new design! I love so many aspects about it. I love all the texture, I love that it is deceiving in that it is actually worked side to side instead of top to bottom so the stitches look different then they normally would. I love the varying color stripes that give it a fun illusion of growing and shrinking. I also love that it is worked in sections and then joined together. Normally I hate joining but there really is very little when compared to say, a granny square afghan, and it makes it so much easier to work on in the summer months for fall and Christmas gifts because you aren't sitting under the entire thing all at once until you are adding the border. The Vertical Textures Afghan has so much depth to it I hope you love it as much as I do!

Vertical Textures Afghan

This pattern has been sold to All Free Crochet. The pattern can be found HERE.


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