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Urban Reflection CAL Week 4: Border and Blocking

My New Craft Room - Part 3

It's DONE!!!!! There was only a tiny little bit that didn't fit and that's just because I have too much blue, black and pink. ;) I want to make everything now! Every pattern I have ever seen or dreamed of making! All the things! I must knit/crochet ALL THE THINGS!!!!!

Just a break down for you so that you can see better how I did this, the top left is all my cotton/cotton blends by color and next to it is all my cotton/cotton blends that is either variegated or ombre. Just below those two shelves are all of my wool and wool blends in exactly the same fashion. The top right shelf and the three shelves below it are all my acrylic variegated or ombre skeins. All the other shelves, starting with the one that is second down on the left, are all my acrylics skeins sorted by color.

I LOVE  how it all came together. The clear plastic drawer to the left  of the yarn shelves is what wouldn't fit. The stuff below is all gift giving stuff, bags, tissue paper, cards, that sort of stuff. In the desks drawers to the right is *most* of my material and notions, ribbon, thread etc. All my crochet, knitting and sewing books are stacked on the shelves there. It looks sooooo pretty in this room! I want to just sit in it and stare at it's lovely organization all day long! 

What does your yarn storage look like? I think we'll have some kind of contest here in the next little bit where you can share your pics. What do you think?

We'll chat again soon.

Be happy!


  1. Oh gosh, now I'm jealous lol. My yarn is still in bags and boxes, has been my way of storing it all these years .. but I really love what you did. :)

    1. That was exactly my storage method just a few weeks ago. It was a lot of work but soooo worth it!

  2. Hi! Can you tell me about the shelves..this is FAB. They are not too wobbly? I am thinking not since you used them..I had some like this before for my kids and they were wobbly..Do you think I put them together wrong or maybe brand?...Wanted to check to see if there was a trick...I wanna crochet looking at your beauty LOL

    1. I suppose they are a little wobbly. It's pretty tall. They are definitely stable enough that I wouldn't worry about them coming down if something bumped them but I wouldn't leave my kids climb them. Does that help?

    2. Yes very much. Thank you :-)

  3. I really love what you've done for your storage :)
    My craft room is quite narrow, so my chests of drawers that I store my yarn in isn't really shown to advantage, especially as I've got half of my yarn stored in cardboard boxes above my wardrobes in there - but I'm going to try and take some photos to see how it looks through the viewfinder! :)


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