Star Bright Angled Scarf Photo Tutorials

These are all of the photo tutorials for the Star Bright Angled scarf. You can find the pattern HERE. Please refer back to these photos with any questions about stitch placement.

First row, showing stitch placement.

Second row, showing where you will place your stitches this row.

Place your (sc, ch 1, sc) in the ch 1 sp of the previous row.

This row only, the turning ch is the two chs of the base ch that were skipped.

Increase row.

Don't forget you need 2 sc after the ch 1.

You now have two ch 1 sps to work in.

Showing st placement after the turning row.

Where to place your sl sts on the border.

Ch 5 loops all down the angled side of the scarf.

How to work the second row of the border.

Hook placement that causes the second row of chs to wrap around the previous row's chs.

Continue down the length of the scarf.

Final sl st.


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