How To Make Tassels or Fringe

This is a photo tutorial that will show you how to make either tassels or fringe for the edge of a crochet or knit accessory. The photos are from the tassels that I made on the Chevron Love Super Scarf but the same method can be applied to making fringe along the edge of a scarf, shawl or other accessory.

Take the yarn you want to use for the tassel, fold it in half and pull the loop through the designated stitch.

Pull the tassel ends through the loop.

Pull the tassel ends until the loop is tight and secure. Trim the tassel ends so that they are even.


  1. It sounds scary for me... However, since fringe decorations and tassels can be added as fun finished edging to any knitted item, I really appreciate this hint!

    1. You're welcome! It's really not that tricky once you get the hang of it.

  2. A good idea of decorating such a scarf. The main thing is that he does not untangle after fixing the yarn in this way

  3. Thank you for this idea, because for a very long time I can not decide what to decorate my scarf for.

  4. The author is right to say that this is a topic that needs discussing in greater detail. But the scarf decoration is very cool.


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