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Urban Reflection CAL Week 4: Border and Blocking

Urban Reflection CAL Week 2: First Half of the Wrap

Here we are, week 2 of the Urban Reflection CAL! Are you all ready to get started? We worked out gauge for the Urban Reflection Wrap in week 1. Now let's get started with the actual pattern for the Urban Reflection Wrap!

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I'm so excited I can hardly wait to start seeing pictures of your guy's projects in the Official String With Style Facebook Group! Please come join us so we can all enjoy the Urban Reflection CAL together. If you are on Instagram please tag me @stringwithstyle in all posts about the Urban Reflection Wrap and use the hashtag #urbanreflection so I can ohhh and awww over all your pictures and your progress!

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Urban Reflection Wrap

One Size Fits Most
72" long x 10" wide

F (3.75 mm) crochet hook
Fingering weight yarn
Color A (437 yrds)
Color B (437 yrds)
Yarn Needle

Ch - chain
Herrhdc - herringbone half double crochet (this is a specialty stitch. If you aren't familiar with it you can look through my photo tutorial HERE.)
Sc - single crochet
Sk - skip
St - stitch
Tc - trebble crochet

14 tc x 6 rows = 3" square

Difficulty Level

The "reflection" part of the Urban Reflection Wrap is created by a stripe pattern that is made up of Fibonacci numbers that fade into each other from opposite ends. You need to keep track of your row counts as you work the pattern so that you know when to change colors.

Herrhdc: Yarn over, insert hook in st indicated, pull up a loop and draw it through the first loop on hook, yarn over and pull through two remaining loops on hook.

The first color section is a lot of rows so you'll be able to spend that time becoming familiar with the pattern.

The pattern is a simple two row repeat, once you get started use the instructions for these two rows and the table that shows you how many rows to work in each color to complete the Urban Reflection Wrap.

Be careful and check your stitch counts at the end of each row. Working with fingering weight yarn and small stitches can make it easy to miss a ch sp or a stitch. 

Ch 68

Row 1: Tc in 6th ch from hook (skipped chs count as one tc and one skipped ch), tc in next ch and in each ch across to last ch, 2 tc in last ch, ch 3, turn. (65 tc)

Row 2: (Beg ch 3 counts as herrhdc and ch 1 sp) *Herrhdc in next st, ch 1, sk 1 st,* work * to * across, work last herrhdc in last tc leaving chs unworked, ch 4 turn. (33 herrhdc)

Row 3: (Beg ch 4 counts as tc) Sk next ch 1 sp, tc in next st and in each ch 1 sp and st to last st, 2 tc in last st, ch 3, turn. (65 tc)

Repeat rows 2 and 3 changing colors as stated by this chart:

21 rows: Color A
1 row: Color B
21 rows: A
2 rows: B
13 rows: A
3 rows: B
8 rows: A
5 rows: B

These are the color changes for the first half of the Urban Reflection Wrap. Next week in week 3 we will work the other half of the wrap.

Please join us in the Official String With Style Facebook Group to join me and others that are working on the Urban Reflection Wrap. It is a great place to ask questions and post pictures of your progress. You can also tag me on Instagram @stringwithstyle in any progress photos using the hashtag #urbanreflection. I'm so excited to see how they all come together as you get started!

Be Happy,